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We Need You To Help Our Support Group - Please Volunteer!

Like any other support group, our monthly programs, and services are made possible because of our wonderful Volunteers, who donate their time, their many talents, resources, and other types of contributions.   We always need Volunteers to help our support group.

A Volunteer can be a PD patient, a caregiver, or just someone interested in Parkinson's disease.  As a Volunteer, you can share your experience, skills, talents, and learn new skills.  As a Volunteer, you will have the opportunity and to experience and meet some very special people in the Parkinson's community, and those who provide services to the Parkinson's community.  As a Volunteer, you will always have assistance from other members on our Board and on our committees.
If you are interested, and want more information about Volunteering,, please feel free to contact us at Email contact@columbiaparkinsonsupportgroup.org - or- one of our officers listed below.
Karen Basso
President and Public Relations
Telephone: Cell 803-351-9571 or Home 803-739-1500
Email: kbasso@preferredre.com
Michelle Morton Reed
Vice President & Program Chairman
Telephone: 803-587-9681
Email: michelle.morton@medtronic.com

Below is a letter from Carol T. Baker describing her personal experience of volunteering.
"I had never been a part of any support group until I joined the Columbia Parkinson’s Support Group.  I didn’t know what to expect, or what would be expected of me.  It wasn’t too long after the first meeting I attended that I found myself involved, and shortly thereafter I was on the Board of Directors.  In the beginning I didn’t know the first thing about finding speakers for the meetings, didn’t even know who to call, or what issues would be useful to our members.  I had tremendous guidance and help by our President at that time, Dottie Gantt, and gradually I learned how to make contacts and ask people if they would like to speak to our group.  Being involved as an official Board Member has been a learning experience and has given me the opportunity to make new and special friends.  I say all of this because our Support Group needs to fill the positions of Treasurer, Secretary and Program Chair.  Some of us have been on the board for many years, and new faces and ideas would be a tremendous asset to the group."
"Please think about what our group has done for you and consider being a member of the Board of Directors.  The current board is a caring group, who really works well together.  We all want our support group to continue to offer education and fellowship, but in order to do that we need leaders.  None of these positions require a lot of time.  Whomever becomes our new Program Chair will have lots of information that I have collected over the years and I am more than willing to help you get started and to help guide you along the way."
"Thank you for considering what an important  part of the Columbia Parkinson’s Support Group you could be."
Sincerely, Carol T. Baker

You can help our support group. Donations and contributions don't always have to be about money. While every dollar counts, you can donate your time, talents, and resources to help your local Parkinson's support group. Making a contribution to a cause that's important to you is extremely gratifying.

Below are some of the areas where we need volunteers at this time.

Events - Educational and Symposium: registration, breakout leader, set up, break down

Speaker's Bureau
  • Individuals must be comfortable speaking in front of large groups
  • Individuals must have knowledge about Parkinson's Disease and the Association
Share Information
While you are surfint the web, and find links to information that you think may be of interest to the Parkinson's community, share that information. Help to gather Information about Parkinson's and related lifestyle information. For example - Report any new Parkinson's related events, drug therapies, research initiatives and clinical trials in North Carolina or South Carolina. Provide information for the website manager and email member list manager. May be done at home, at your leisure. Send the information to contact@columbiaparkinsonsupportgroup.org

We are always open to new suggestions -- If f you are interested in volunteering - if you want more information -or- If you have ideas or skills that you think may be useful to our support group Contact Us



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