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The Columbia Parkinson's Support Group is incorporated in South Carolina is a 501(c)3 non-profit. The mission of the Columbia Parkinson's Support Group is to provide the Parkinson's Community with a safe environment to obtain SUPPORT, INFORMATION, EDUCATION, create AWARENESS about Parkinson's Disease, and FUND RAISING to further research for the cure of Parkinson's Disease.

Our support group is located in the midlands of South Carolina; serving the counties of (but not limited to) Calhoun, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lexington, Orangeburg, Newberry, Richland, Saluda, and Sumter.

Meetings are open to anyone regardless of race, color, and national or ethnic origin. We welcome anyone afflicted with Parkinson's disease; anyone who has an interest in Parkinson's disease; as well as all visitors, family, friends, and guests to our monthly meetings.
There is no cost to attend our meetings.
Sept 2008 Meeting
Open Forum September 21, 2008
Photo by Dottie Gantt
You and Your Guests Are Always Welcome!  Please don't forget, we always welcome any guests to come with you.  The more your family, friends, neighbors, business associates, or anyone who has an interest in Parkinson's disease can learn about Parkinson's disease, the more support they can provide.  We always welcome students from our universities and colleges - and professionals from the medical community!
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Donald Frances Nickel passed away April 20, 2015.
Donald Frances Nickel passed away April 20, 2015.
Donald Frances Nickel passed away April 20, 2015.
In Memory of Donald Frances Nickel

It is with great sadness that we report the death of a long-time member of the Columbia Parkinson's Support Group. Donald Frances Nickel. Don passed away April 20, 2015.

Don was a kind and gentle man, who when diagnosed with Parkinson's 25 years ago, took on the challenge with grit and grace. He loved sports (especially tennis); and once retired, took off to see the world, traveling extensively to soccer stadiums, Olympic settings and of course tennis venues. His other passion was WWII history which also influenced his travel choices. See more about Don's remarkable life at: ObituraryDonNickel

Don is survived by his loving wife of 48 years, Barbara; sons, Bruce (Dayami) of Castaic, CA and Barry (Kara) of Santa Cruz, CA; daughter, Deanna of New Haven Ct.; and grandsons, Harrison, Landon, and Zeven.

Memorial donations may be made to the

Columbia Parkinson's Support Group
506 Jadetree Ct.,
West Columbia, SC 29169

Family and friends may sign the online guest book at www.thompsonsfuneral.com
Don Nickel

Donald Frances Nickel
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"I have Parkinson's Disease, but Parkinson's Disease doesn't have me!"
Contributed by Dr. Ben Herz


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"Life does not end with a Parkinson's Disease diagnosis."
Author Unknown

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“Every PD patient is unique and everything about his or her disease is specific to him or her and ONLY to him or her. PD has only one time - NOW, the present. The previous hours do not forecast how you are going to feel. The only thing that is predictable about this disease is its unpredictability.”
~~Written by Rick Kramer and Margaret Tuchman~~
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"Thank You" for visiting our website -and- "Thank You" for supporting and caring about those with Parkinson's Disease and the Parkinson Community..

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